Will Yami Survive the Upcoming Storm?

Black Clover

By Epic Dope Staff | November 16, 2021

Chapter 313 of Black Clover showed Yami exhausted, but not without his usual spunk.

Tabata-sensei really went all-out bringing us a ray of hope for Yami. Although he has struggled and fought his way through, he has gained people who love him.

Yami’s current state is genuinely worrying, and maybe we’ll be informed soon about what is going on with him.

Yes, Lucifero is currently prowling around the whole scene, but his grand match with Asta is unofficially confirmed.

With all the Black Bulls members on the spot, I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to rescue their captain and shield him from any oncoming attacks.

It is highly impossible for Black Clover to take a dark turn, and I hope Tabata-sensei isn’t getting any weird ideas.